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The following is a recommended self-guided Cultural Tour. Beginning in Tuba City, AZ, this three day tour takes you in the Northern part of the Navajo Nation & ends in Window Rock, AZ – the Navajo Nation Capital. In this tour, you will explore scenic areas, learn about Navajo culture in museums & buy directly from Navajo vendors.

Navajo Jewelry


If you are interested in Navajo Art and want to observe the artist work, there are scheduled demonstrations across Navajoland and off reservation at specifically scheduled events. Navajo are known for their exquisite woven rugs, beautiful designed jewelry, elegant potteries, lovely wedding baskets & other beautiful arts.

Experience Navajo culture


Navajo trace their history to prehistoric time & have retained & maintained their culture and language intact. Originally settled in this area & returning to this area after the “Long Walk”, the Navajos have increased their land base to 27,000+ sq. miles into Arizona, New Mexico & Utah. The Navajo population is approximately 300,000+.

Experience Navajo culture


Through all the efforts of the federal government to kill the “Indian” in us – We, Navajos have always been strong in our spiritual beliefs & maintaining our language. Our belief is that there are two classes of people: the Earth People (us) & the Holy People (spiritual beings) who established rules on which our lives are based upon.