The hiking adventurist can only use designated trails to hike on Navajoland. Three hiking trails in Monument Valley Tribal Park are Wildcat Trail, Mitten Buttes & Merrick Butte. In Canyon de Chelly – the White House Ruins Trail. Use of Navajo Tour guides provides an opportunity to learn about Navajo culture & history.

Several Navajo tour companies & guides are available in Monument Valley Tribal Park, Upper & Lower Antelope Canyon near Page, AZ, Canyon de Chelly in Chinle, AZ and in the New Mexico portion of Navajoland. These tour entities offer horseback for beginner or seasoned riders, Jeep, hiking and photography tours.

To fish at any Navajo lakes, permits are required and can be obtained from the Navajo Fish & Wildlife. The major fishing areas are Wheatfields, Asaayi, Tsaile and Ganado lakes. Others that can be accessed are Morgan, Berland, Aspen, Todacheene, Whiskey, Round Rock, White Mesa, Cutter Dam, and Cow Springs lakes.

Some permits are required to camp at Navajo lakes, which can be obtained from the Navajo Parks & Recreation. Wheatfields Lake, however, does not require a permit. Some of the campgrounds do have hookups and camp fires are allowed when safe. Information about fire safety are posted at the campgrounds.