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(05/27/24) – HOLIDAY – Memorial Day

(05/31/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day (Observed)

(06/01/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day / Treaty Day ‘Treaty of 1868’

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Eggshell Arch

A hidden gem

Eggshell Arch

Located within the Inscription House chapter boundaries, there is a hidden gem, the Eggshell Arch.

The Eggshell Arch is particularly spectacular during the golden hour when the evening sunlight hits the bottom of the arch and reflects upward into the arch, creating the Thanksgiving arch glow. This area has been watched over by local Diné families for generations.

Book a local Diné guide to get personalized access and cultural history behind this area.

Note: Please do not attempt to hike into wilderness areas on the Navajo Nation without a permitted Diné/Navajo tour guide. 

Natural sandstone formation of Eggshell Arch near Navajo Mountain Utah on the Navajo Nation

Photo Credit: Eggshell Tours LLC

Eggshell Tours, LLC.


We provide our customers with an authentic and unique experience touring the eggshell arch and the surrounding communities.

To become the top touring experience in the Ts’ah Bii Kin region and surrounding communities by providing truck and guided hiking tours.

We are also looking forward to future services of mountain biking, camping, RV/Campgrounds! Stay tuned for updates on this!

For more information contact:

(602) 739-4468​ / Email: [email protected]

Shonto Marketplace

Located at the intersection of Hwy 160 and Hwy 98 near the community of Shonto, AZ. A marketplace serving the local community and visitors with a laundromat, convenience store, and Shell gas station in one place. Closes daily at 10pm and opens at 7am.

Future plans include a La Quinta Hotel! Stay tuned for updates!

Inscription House Trading Post

A local trading post serving the communities of Inscription House and Shonto, AZ with a laundromat, mini-grocery store and gas station. Located 5.3 miles north of the intersection of Hwy 98 and Indian Route 16. Closes daily at 6pm and opens at 6am.

Sinclair Gas Station

The Sinclair gas station and Dino Mart, located at the intersection of Hwy 98 and Indian Route 16. Closes daily at 10am and opens at 6am.

Shonto Rock the Canyon 

The annual Rock the Canyon festival – a one day event featuring the local Diné bands from rock to country to solo guitar acts to comedians and usually featuring special guests such as Max Cavalera of Sepultura. This event usually takes place in the month of June.

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