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(05/27/24) – HOLIDAY – Memorial Day

(05/31/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day (Observed)

(06/01/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day / Treaty Day ‘Treaty of 1868’

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Stay In a Hogan

Rest & Relax

A Cultural Experience To Remember

The hooghan is a sacred dwelling. It is the shelter of the people of the earth, a protection, a home, and a refuge. Because of the harmony in which the hogan is built, the family can be together to endure hardships and grow as part of the harmony between the sacred mountains, under the care of “Mother Earth” and “Father Sky”.

If you are looking for an authentic Navajo experience, visitors can stay in a traditional eight-sided, one room home called a hogan. Many hogans are used primarily for ceremonial purposes, but some Navajo families have begun to use them as lodging to provide tourists with the real Navajo experience. This is a primitive way of life- a traditional way of life. There is no electricity, running water, or luxury when staying in a hogan, only Mother Earth and the beauty of the natural surroundings.

Furnishings are sparse… either a mattress or a sheepskin lying on the dirt floor. The dirt floor represents Mother Earth and is kept very clean. A single door facing east to welcome the morning rays of the sun, and an opening in the center of the roof that represents the sky and serves as a hole for the stovepipe.  In this way, with dirt and the sky as part of the home, the Navajo stays connected to what he holds most dear. A kerosene lamp throws shadows on the log walls where wedding baskets and cradleboards are hung.

The winter season is the traditional time for story-telling and games, especially the string games which Navajo children love to play. The ever popular coyote stories are told only in winter. Weather permitting, the stories are told while sitting around a camp fire under a sky filled with stars. Otherwise, the warmth of the Hogan sets the mood for an evening of Navajo lore.

An overnight stay in a Hogan isn’t for everyone. Perhaps just a visit inside a Hogan will do. To find out more about hogans, hotels, attractions, the many campgrounds, and RV Parks, we would like to welcome you to the Navajo Nation. Enjoy the beauty and power of the land that is rich in history and culture.

The Navajo Traditional Hogan Over-Night tour package includes:
If you want to experience the Navajo culture and traditions – here is your change!
  • Dinner – Vegetarian or non-vegetarian Navajo Taco dish w/ drinks
  • Entertainment from flute playing to Navajo Singing and Dancing around camp fire
  • Presentation of the Navajo history, tradition and culture
  • Camp fire seasonal folk tale stories.
  • A 2.5 hours sunset Jeep tour
  • A sunrise viewing Jeep tour in the morning
  • Sleeping bag and mats
  • Chemical toilets
  • Continental European style breakfast
Due to the popularity of our tours we kindly suggest making a reservation in advance so that we will best be able to accommodate you. We are unable to accept same day reservations. All reservation times are Navajo Nation Time. During Daylight Savings Time, this will be one hour faster than Arizona Time used in, for example, Page or Flagstaff, Arizona.
We accept all major credit cards and process all transactions using a secure connection.
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If you are a Navajo family or business owner who provides overnight “stay in a hogan” accommodations and would like to be listed on the Discover Navajo website, please email your information to [email protected].

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