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(02/20/23) HOLIDAY – Presidents Day

(04/28/23) Miss Navajo Nation – EggZooTackular Bunny Walk/Run from 10am to 2pm at the NavajoZoo, Window Rock, AZ LINK

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Vehicle & Jeep Tours

Off-Roading At Its Best

Experiencing the Navajo Nation in a jeep with an experienced tour guide behind the wheel is an experience all itself! You will quickly see the lifestyle, culture, tradition, and history are very different than mainstream America, it is best to see the Navajo Nation blazing the distinct pathways with a Navajo guide. These tours provide you with an experienced guide who has personal connections to the land and is a fountain of information regarding Navajo culture, stories, history, etc.

Visitors can take Jeep, hiking, horseback and self-guided tours at many of the attractions located in Navajoland.

Some popular Vehicle & Jeep Tours within the Navajo Nation are:

Antelope Canyon tourists