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(06/19/24) – HOLIDAY – Juneteenth

(06/20/24) – Summer begins

(07/06/24) – Cody Jesus Invitational Bull Riding, Window Rock, AZ

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Canyon De Chelly Tours

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Canyon De Chelly Tour Companies

Antelope House Tours

Antelope House Tours invites you on a journey into the Gem of the Southwest. Experience Canyon de Chelly’s breathtaking wonders – soaring sandstone walls, natural wildlife and beauty, precious orchards of fruit and cornfields. You may see Navajo sheepherders tending to their flocks in the flow of the southwestern sun. Enjoy the company of canyon residents, whose ancestors originally settled Canyon de Chelly hundreds of years ago.

For more information: 

(928) 674-5231
(928) 429-1187

[email protected]

Canyon De Chelly Tours

A 5-Star ★★★★★ Tour Company and has been the Trip Advisor 2011, 2013, 2014 Certificate of Excellence winner.

There are over 2,700 archeological sites within the many canyons of Canyon De Chelly National Monument. Only 13 of the 700 standing ruins have been stabilized, reinforced, or protected from degradation. Professional Navajo guides can teach you the history of the canyons and about the Anasazi, Hopi and Navajo peoples.  Mr. Thomas offers more to visitors than just viewing the scenery, he also provides cultural consulting and lectures.

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Arizona Canyon Jeep Tours

During your tour we will learn about the people and the events that went on in Canyon de Chelly. We will view the ruins of the early people, and admire their beautiful artwork in the forms of pictographs and petroglyphs, all created by the early people, which included the Hopi and the Navajo people.

• Private Jeep Tours Available.
• Canyon Jeep Tours

For more information contact: 

928-781-2113 or 970-759-8331

Beauty Way Jeep Tours

Leander Staley as the owner of Beauty Way Jeep Tours (formerly Canyon de Chelly Tours) and is the grandson of the first Navajo tour guide in Canyon de Chelly.  His family has been providing tours through the beautiful and spiritual sights of Canyon de Chelly since 1930. Visitors will be personally guided by a knowledgeable Navajo guide through the history and legends of this mystical canyon with it’s magnificent ancient cliff dwellings, mysterious pictographs and petroglyphs. Driven in a 4×4 jeep, visitors will have plenty of opportunities during the tour for photo stops and sight seeing.

For more information contact: 

928-674-3772 for reservations or TEXT 928-797-0836
Alternate: 928-797-0836
Email Beauty Way Jeep Tours

Ancient Canyon Tours

Offering private Jeep tours, hiking, and camping within the Canyon De Chelly.

No Pets Allowed in the Park.

Call for more information:

928-380-1563 928-349-6185
Email: [email protected]

Canyon Hawk Tours

Canyon Hawk Tours has been in operation for seventeen years and is a Navajo Woman owned small business.

We have Navajo/Dine guides who can get you into the canyons, and in our 4×4 tours, you can decide which one you want to visit. Canyon Del Muerto is 27 miles long, and Canyon De Chelly is 33. Both have histories from the ancient Anasazi Pueblo, the contemporary Dine, 16th century Spanish expeditions, and the Civil War. This is the place where the Navajo first encountered the United States Army of 1862.

The canyon’s history also includes the geology of the massive sedimentary material which uplifted during the time of Pangaea. The canyon’s red wall of sandstone is called Red Supai, and formed through the process of lithification (ancient sedimentary material cemented together).

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(928) 797-8415

[email protected]

Thunderbird Lodge Jeep Tours

Thunderbird Lodge is the only authorized provider of group tours in Canyon de Chelly National Monument. Experienced Navajo guides explain the significance of man-made structures and symbols while pointing out natural points of interest. Heavy-duty six-wheel drive touring vehicles are equipped with padded seats to provide a comfortable and memorable experience.

For more information contact: 

Email Thunderbird Lodge Jeep Tours

Tséyi Jeep Tours

Hire an experienced authorized Navajo guide who was born and raised in Canyon de Chelly near Spider Rock. You will be introduced to the unique beauty of the canyons, the pastoral Navajo Culture, landscape, stories and legends. Explore the geological and historical wonder and observe petroglyphs, pictographs and pre-historic ancient native dwellings.

For more information contact: 

Canyon Tours

Offering 4×4 Jeep tours.

Half Day Tours in:

North Canyon (Canyon Del Muerto): Ledge Ruin, Antelope House Ruin

South Canyon (Canyon De Chelly): White House Ruins

More Sights along the way: Kokopelli Cave, First Ruin, Junction Ruins and more…

Hiking Tours:

The hike tours will take you up close to the wonders of the canyon history, the area, wildlife. We will take you on: Bat Trail (South Canyon), Tunnel Trail, Twin Trails (North Canyon), and Yei Bi Chei Trail (South Canyon)

Call us to book a tour!

[email protected]

(928) 349-1667 or (928) 674-6413

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