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(06/13-14/24) – KAYENTA COFFEE FESTIVAL, Kayenta, Arizona

(06/16/24) – Father’s Day

(06/19/24) – HOLIDAY – Juneteenth

(06/20/24) – Summer begins

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Monument Valley Tours

Let Us Be Your Guide

Monument Valley Tour Companies

MV Dineh Bikéyah Tours

My name is Charlene Johnson and I own and operate Dineh Bekeyah Tours. Having worked in the customer service/tourism industry for many years, I opened Dineh Bekeyah Tours on the foundation of high-class customer service and probity.
Monument Valley is a beautiful place to visit, and every year we have visitors come to tell us it has been on their “bucket list” their whole lives. After taking our tour, they state how much of a fantastic experience they had on their visit and we have been their biggest highlight.
Come visit Monument Valley and experience Mother Earth’s natural beauty with one of our professional guides and share like the others, your fantastic memorable tour.


(928) 409-0088 (Charlene)

[email protected]

Valley View Tours

Valley View Tours is Navajo owned and operated by Roland and Mary Holiday. We provide excellent guided tours and share the wonders of Monument Valley. We provide back door access to the restricted parts of Monument Valley. We would like to share with you the Navajo Culture and the epitome we all recognize as Western America, Monument Valley.


(435) 485-0103 Cell

(435) 419-0392 Office

[email protected]

Monumental Tours

We are a 2nd Generation Navajo adventure guide at the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

The tours start at the parking lot at the View Hotel. Park Entrance Fee is not included in the Price of tours.


(435) 444-9529

MV Tinhorn Tours

Hours: 7am-7pm

Guided tours open all day: 1.5 hour: $65/person – 2.5 hours: $75.00/person – Kids 12 & under = Free. Pets are welcome.

Mystery Valley tours: 3.5 hours: $95/person. All-Day tours: 6.0 hours: $180.00/person.


Call Us to schedule a Tour!

(928) 489-9128

[email protected]

Monument Valley Simpson’s Trailhandler

Private tours for just you and your family or friends! Conducted by your own private Navajo driver/ tour guide, these tours are sure to make your experience in Monument Valley a special one. Tours include a sharing of our Land and Culture on a more personal basis. Go with a group-tour at a reduced rate and visit and see all the Magnificent sites Monument Valley has to offer!

For more information contact: 

Owner: Harold Simpson
P.O. Box 360377

[email protected]

Daniel’s Guided Tours

Explore deep into the restricted areas of Monument Valley within a 28 mile loop, stopping and sharing with you details about each viewpoint: The Totem Pole, with it’s magnificent dunes, The Ear of the Wind, Eye of the Sun, and witness Susie Yazzie’s weaving inside her hogan.

We will customize the tour to your wishes!

For more information contact: 

Owner: Daniel Chee
P.O. Box 360153

435-727-3227 (8am – 5pm) M-F
[email protected]

Roy Black’s Guided Tours

Owned and operated by Roy Black, a distinguished Navajo gentleman who resides on the Navajo Reservation of Northern Arizona. He built this company on hard work and customer service a dedication like no other he is  well-known worldwide for his Jeep and horse tours. His duty to country in the U.S. Navy has taken him around the world, now he wants to share Monument Valley to the world.

For more information contact: 

Owners: Roy & Christine Black
P.O. Box 830
KAYENTA, Arizona 86033

[email protected]

Sandstone Tours

Monument Valley’s famous sandstone monoliths and landscape offers many photo opportunities and with our converted 4×4 vehicles gives you and unforgettable tour with our experienced Navajo tour guides.

Sandstone’s tours available: Sunrise Tour – Short Tour – Complete Tour of MV – Sunset Tour 


(928) 640-3012

[email protected]

Monument Valley Tribal Tours

A land filled with culture and monuments that reach up too 1,000 feet into the sky!
Monument Valley is located on the boarder of Arizona and Utah. It is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world! The geological history has left behind many stories of the Navajo ancestry and traditions that are still practiced today.
Come and meet some of the best accommodating Navajo locals that will guide you through an adventurous safari experience!


[email protected] 

Three Sister Navajo Guided Tours

We are a Navajo-owned company. Let us show you the true beauty of Monument Valley. Our tour guides will share with you the traditions of our people as well as our history.

Monument valley became popular through movie films by directors John Ford, John Woo, Gore Verbinski and many more!

3 reasons why you should book a tour online:
1.  To avoid all the hustle and bustle
2.  Waiting in the HOT sun is not fun.
3. You get to go with the tour company of your choosing.

Tours available: 1.5 hour – 2.5 hour – Half-Day – Full Day – Sunrise & Sunset – Tear Drop Arch – Star Gazing/Full Moon Tour and Photography Tour


P.O. Box 360393
Monument Valley, UT 84536
[email protected]

Monument Valley Twin Warriors Tours

Monument Valley Twin Warriors Tours is run by a Navajo family that has been living in Monument Valley for over 100 years. While visiting, you will learn about the history and culture of the Navajo, all while taking in the breathtaking sites the area has to offer. Their vast knowledge of the land will ensure you have a unique and unforgettable experience.

Tours: Photography & Sightseeing – Camping – Experience Navajo culture 

(928) 429-8628

Sacred Monument Tour

Select and enjoy a half-day of tours to take in most of Monument Valley’s beauty. Go for a horseback-guided ride, or hop in our bus with your Navajo guide for a scenic excursion. You will see the best views of some of the most notable landmarks.

Fax 435-727-3355
Main Monument Valley Road
Monument Valley, AZ 84536

Blackwater Tours

Monument Valley has attracted many people from all over the world to see the many wonders of the breath taking scenery. Monolithic cliffs and formations made of red-orange sandstone that has been shaped by the elements over many eons. Meet some of the people that keep our Navajo heritage alive, peek inside a demonstration Hogan that mirrors how the Navajo have lived and survived in areas barely suited for living. Navajo jewelry and art made by the local artisans may be purchased for a fraction of the cost. We welcome you to visit us!

Enclosed 4×4 SUV & Safari Open Cab style tours available! 

Tours Offered: Sunrise Tour of MV – Standard Tour – Extended Tours – Sunset Tours 


(435) 727-3312

[email protected]

Phillips Photography Tours

Join us for an experience that will stay with you for years to come: a true insider’s tour, a guided journey through a mythical southwestern landscape, and the culture and story of its people.

For more information contact: 

Owners: Carlos & Carl Phillips
P.O. Box 1695
KAYENTA, ARIZONA 86035  (Near Monument Valley, Utah)

928-429-0665 Carlos
928-429-0040 Carl
[email protected]

Navajo Spirit Tours

As guides we feel privileged to walk on the beautiful lands that have been given to us by the creator. We feel privileged to see the ever-changing land that is called Monument Valley. Monument Valley holds a special place to the Navajo People; it is considered the heart of the earth. A sacred land with arguable the most beautiful view in the world. Monument Valley has a rich history with some of the greatest traditional Navajo leaders and spiritual healers (singers). We are honored to be a part of such great history and extremely honored to share our ancestry with you.

Tours Offered: Hunts Mesa – Mystery Valley – Tear Drop Arch – All-Day Tours and ask about our private Mini Retreat!

(435) 444-7772

[email protected]

Monument Valley Safari Tours

Navajo family owned and operated, we provide custom cultural and photographic guided tours throughout the Monument Valley region. Our team welcomes you into our home to experience the true nature and culture of Monument Valley, which Navajos call, Tse’Bii’Ndzisgaii, referring to a special place where a “glittering golden light reflects off the rocks.”

For more information contact: 

Owner: Toney Begay
P.O. Box 360418

Indian Rte 42, Kayenta, AZ 86033
Open Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 6 pm
435-737-3340   Info/Reservation 6am to 10pm

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