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(05/27/24) – HOLIDAY – Memorial Day

(05/31/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day (Observed)

(06/01/24) – HOLIDAY – Navajo Nation Memorial Day / Treaty Day ‘Treaty of 1868’

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Dinosaur Tracks

Ancient Footprints

Nature's Time Capsule

Located 5 miles west of Tuba City, along Highway 160 (not far from the Grand Canyon) this natural site contains many theropod tracks e.g. Dilophosaurus and others from the Jurassic period (208-144 million years ago).

A little bit of history—
A few Dilophosaurus skeletons were excavated in the summer of 1924 by a couple of paleontologists out on expeditions on Navajo land – Mr. Sam Welles (Former Prof. at UC – Museum of Paleontology), and Dr. Camp. It is not well known, but according to Mr. Sam Welles’ account, a Navajo by the name of Jesse Williams discovered the Dilophosaurus skeleton a couple of years earlier in 1940. It was he, who led Mr. Welles, Bill Rush and Ed Kott to the skeleton. The skeleton was excavated and taken to UC Berkeley. It is there that the Dilophosaurus resides in the UC Museum. (Source: University of California – Museum of Paleontology)

There is a row of vendor stands, so you can view and speak to local Navajo and pueblo silversmith’s selling their beautiful jewelry.

There is a homemade-style sign directing the public to the tracks, which is directly north off Hwy 160. There are community members and private landowners nearby who provide oversight. Although there is no admission or parking fee, a Navajo guide will be on-site to provide a small tour – tips are greatly appreciated.

See map below:

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